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About Us



The Democracy Center works to foster a more vibrant local and global democracy by supporting more sustainable, united and stronger communities of action. We do this by providing non-profits and other groups, which directly promote our mission, affordable space for meetings, events, fundraisers, etc. and by connecting student organizers to local campaigns.



Since its founding in 2001, the Democracy Center has gone through many changes. The Center is a vibrant activist and progressive community space located in the heart of Harvard Square. In a city where independent non-commercial space is rare, the Center provides an exciting alternative space for a variety of student and community groups in and around the Boston area.


The Center has become a true progressive community hub. From 60 families who pick up their farm shares every week in the summer, to local youth after-school programs, to author and Obama’s transition team strategist Mike Lux presenting his new book, the Center offers the progressive community a place to meet, network, collaborate and participate in other cultural and educational activities. In addition to providing space for events, movie showings, meetings, workshops, and classes, we are taking the first steps to develop our student-community organizing initiative. Our work lies in providing both student and community groups with the necessary information, training,and tools to work together in order to achieve our common goals for justice with peace.

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