Booking an event 

We're excited to work with you on your event at the Democracy Center! You can book either a recurring event or a one-off event. In general, here is the process: 

  1. Read the event guidelines.

  2. Submit an event request form through our website.

  3. Receive confirmation email from the Democracy Center Coordinator.

  4. Complete a one time, 15 minute walkthrough and receive a door code (these reset January 1 annually).

  5. Hold your event! Clean up, lock up, and donate (within your means) to keep our doors open​​. See below.

Co-working spots and concerts are booked separately!

Recurring events

  • Recurring event bookings are confirmed from:

    • January 1 - June 30 and July 1 - December 31. For example, if you schedule a weekly meeting starting in March, the booking is confirmed until June 30.

    • Recurring bookings will be reconfirmed at the end of May and November. 

    • Recurring events, especially more frequent events, should contribute to the community by being flexible with their bookings and communicating proactively with other Meetinghouse Program organizers.​​

One-off bookings

  • One-off bookings are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings are taken no more than 6 months in advance, except for extraordinary, infrequent/one time events. A point person for every event or event series is required to attend a walkthrough in order to confirm the booking and receive a door code. Door codes are reset on January 1 annually.

  • All events must be cancelled with 24 hours notice OR by Friday at 4 pm for weekend events. Failure to do so will be taken into account for future bookings.

    • No call/no show or frequent cancellations will be taken into consideration when confirming future bookings, at the discretion of the Democracy Center Coordinator.

Sliding scale, suggested donations​


​One of the most common questions received is about cost. Money helps keep our doors open, but it should not be a barrier to any event. Room capacity estimates are based on "lecture" style seating.

  • Malala Yousafzai Library (regular: max 8-10 people, COVID19: 5 people): $10-$20

  • Cesar Chavez Room (regular: max 12 people, COVID19: 5 people): $10-$30

  • Rosa Parks room (regular: max 30 people, COVID19: 13 people): $30-$75

  • Nelson Mandela room (regular: max 60 people, COVID19: 20 people): $50-$100

  • Rosa Parks + Cesar Chavez (COVID19: 20 people): $40-$75

  • Nelson Mandela + Rosa Parks (COVID19: 35 people): $75-$150

  • Entire First Floor (max 150 people, COVID19: 55 people): $100-$200