Event Calendar

What's happening at the Democracy Center?

This is your first stop before you book an event! Here are a couple tips to make your calendar search the most efficient:

  • We recommend the table view because it shows start/end time as well as which rooms are booked

  • If you use another view, be sure to click the events to see start/end time and rooms

  • In order for this web calendar to work, we have to assign each event to a specific calendar (the colored text with check boxes), but that does not reflect that sometimes the same event is booked in more than one room simultaneously. Again, double check the room field as well as start and end time.

  • Not all events are publicly displayed for security, privacy, or because they are on the waitlist awaiting confirmation

  • The start and end times in this calendar INCLUDE set up and break down, so should your booking requests.

  • If you have questions about a particular event, usually we cannot answer them - you should look for the event organizers' website or social media.