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Concert Calendar & Requests

Shows at the Democracy Center are run and facilitated by The Showbooking Collective

All concert requests MUST be submitted through the Collective, or it will not be processed. 

The Democracy Center is an ALL AGES, ALCOHOL/DRUG FREE SPACE.

If this is not enforced during your show, you may not be allowed to book here again. 

How to book a show at the Democracy Center​​

  1. Check The Show Booking Collective's calendar to see if the date is available.

  2. Send us bands you plan on asking (include links to Bandcamp sites, lyrics, etc). 

  3. Volunteer at one DC show before yours. 

  4. Promote your show. (We can help with that.)

  5. Staff your show, which includes setup, managing set times and crowd control, and cleanup after.


  • The Democracy Center strives to be an inclusive and supportive space for everyone. We ask that everyone who attends and plays here be aware of the language they use and how it might affect others; racist, sexist, heterosexist, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive attitudes are not welcome. 

  • We want everyone who books shows here to consider representation of various identities and backgrounds in regards to the bands they choose, the organizations the show will benefit, how they promote (who will design the flyer, where will you promote?), and more. How can we better center the creativity of people who are often not included in punk and DIY bands?

  • The Democracy Center is an ALL AGES, ALCOHOL/DRUG-FREE SPACE. If this is not enforced during your show, you may not be allowed to book here again.

  • The Democracy Center is partially wheelchair accessible. There are 8 steps at the front entrance, and a wheelchair ramp on the right side of the building. Our bathroom door is not wide enough for a wheelchair, however, Daedalus (the bar next door) does have an ADA compliant restroom you can use! Please contact or 617 492 8855 to discuss improvement plans or your accessibility needs.

  • Shows at the DC can be booked for just $50. Because the space is so inexpensive, we ask that bookers treat each show as a benefit, with $50-150+ going towards the Booking Collective or another organization of your choice.

  • For ALL shows, PLEASE contact the organization to which you are donating to let them know/see if they want to send over any brochures or have a presence at the show. You also must advertise that it’s a benefit. 

  • Bookers are encouraged to ask for donations at the door to support touring bands and the space. However, they can’t turn people away for lack of funds.

  • Shows MUST end by 11pm.

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