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COVID19 Policies

COVID19 remains a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Our policies intend to create the most accessible space for everyone, especially and including disabled and immunocompromised people.


  • Masks required in the space at all times

    • We will consider exceptions for events that book the entire first floor on a case by case basis

    • To qualify for an exception, vaccination cards and rapid testing will be required

  • All events must state whether or not they require vaccination on all publicity. See below.

  • We strongly suggest a vaccine requirement for events where it will not create a barrier to accessing survival resources, mutual aid, etc.

  • We encourage eating outdoors, weather permitting

  • As long as weather permits, open windows and fans running while space is in use

  • Run our air purifiers during the event

Standard text to include on all publicity

  • Full version (emails, event pages, etc): 

    • “Masks must be worn over your nose and mouth at all times inside the Democracy Center.

    • “This event does/does not require vaccination to attend, we do/do not ask to see your vaccine card”

  • Flyer version: 

    • “Masks required. Vaccination is/is not required. Vaccine card is/is not required”

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