COVID19 Updates

Update as of 9.1.21

If Massachusetts’ 7-day average new case rate hits or exceeds 1,000 new cases daily, the DC will close and cancel all bookings.

The Coordinator sends out cancellations based on COVID19 rate the Friday before the booking.

For example, on Fri, 9/10 we sent cancellations for Mon, 9/13-Sun, 9/19. As of 9/10 our 7 day average of new cases per day was 1,634.

Re-Opening Announcement

Hello beloved community,


We have missed all of you in the past year and a half. The Democracy Center’s first floor will re-open to events and meetings Wednesday, Sept 1.


Here is our timeline:

  • July 1-August 1 - submit requests via email for Sept-Dec recurring bookings (bookings that happen on a regular schedule, e.g. 1st Tuesdays) see instructions below

  • August 1 - open rolling (no deadline) requests for one off events or meetings (things that happen only once) through the website form

  • Mid August - confirmations sent for recurring bookings, then for one-off bookings

  • Sept 1 - building open 


All users and guests will follow these guidelines to minimize risk of COVID19 spread

  • Masks required in the space through the end of 2021, and encouraged thereafter

  • Eating indoors is discouraged, as long as weather permits inviting participants to eat outside, in the yard, by the river, etc.

  • For many reasons, not all people are able to access or take vaccines, thus the DC will not have specific vaccination requirements but organizations may set their own guidelines (that they communicate clearly to their guests)

  • As long as weather permits, open windows and fans running while space is in use

  • The DC will provide air purifiers for all meeting rooms

  • The DC will provide standard text about COVID19 precautions and users must include it on all event pages, etc. in addition to accessibility information


We will continue to provide Zoom bookings and we are developing tips and tricks for excellent hybrid (combination in person and remote) meetings.


We know that normal wasn’t working for anyone - we are committed to creating a more sustainable, just, connected, expressive and equitable world with you.


See you soon!


Format for requesting recurring bookings for Sept 1 - Dec 31

  • Email in this format:

    • Subject: “[your organization name] Recurring Booking Request Fall 2021”

    • Text of email:

      • organization name

      • 2 contact people including name and email address

      • [if new to the DC] brief description of your organization

      • 3 day and time windows that work for your group, e.g. 2nd Wednedays 9am-2pm, weekly Thursdays 12-1pm, 1st/3rd Monday 6-8pm

      • Room requested (Mandela, Parks, Chavez, or Library)