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Event Guidelines

Building rules

  • Share door codes only with other event organizers.

  • All groups should include the fact the DC is partially wheelchair accessible with no accessible bathroom on site on all event publicity (emails, flyers, social media, eventbrite, etc.). More information on accessibility here.

  • Leave the space as clean as, or cleaner, than you found it.

  • Sweep the floor, wash dishes, stack chairs, and put away tables after your event.

  • Close and lock windows and draw the blinds at the end of your event.

  • Put trash, compost, and recycling in the appropriate bins in the kitchen. If the recycling or trash is full, empty the bin into the dumpsters provided outside.

  • Do not leave any food behind after your event.

  • No alcohol, illegal drug use, or smoking in the building or on the grounds.

  • Do not use tacks on the walls.

  • Return furniture to its original position at the end of your event. When possible, lift and carry furniture rather than dragging it.

Accessibility notification

All event organizers and groups must include accessibility information on all publicity for their event, both for private and public events.

For flyers

  • “The Democracy Center is partially wheelchair accessible, no accessible bathroom on site. Contact or 617 492 8855 as needed.”

For event pages, emails, etc.

  • “The Democracy Center is partially wheelchair accessible, no accessible bathroom on site. The Mandela, Parks, and Chavez rooms are accessible, but the Library is not. Wheelchair users are welcome to use the accessible restroom at Daedalus while we plan our improvements for bathroom accessibility. To reach that bathroom, exit the ramp and turn left on Bow St, at the next building (Daedalus) use their accessible entrance and their restroom will be on the right. More information at: Contact or 617 492 8855 as needed.”

Volunteering and donations

The Meetinghouse Program is supported significantly by users like you who make donations on a sliding scale basis. No one is turned away due to inability to make a donation. The suggested rates, per event, are as follows:

  • Malala Yousafzai Library (max 8-10 people): $10-$20

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 5 people

  • Cesar Chavez Room (max 12 people): $10-$30

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 5 people

  • Rosa Parks room (max 30 people): $30-$75

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 13 people

  • Nelson Mandela room (max 60 people): $50-$100

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 20 people

  • Rosa Parks + Cesar Chavez: $40-$75

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 20 people

  • Nelson Mandela + Rosa Parks: $75-$150

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 35 people

  • Entire First Floor (max 150 people): $100-$200

    • COVID19 capacity cap: 55 people

Groups with funding/budgets are encouraged to donate more to support the work of un(der)funded groups that also use the DC.

There are many ways to contribute to the DC instead of or in addition to monetary donations:

  • Daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning projects

  • Donations of tea, coffee, art supplies, office supplies, etc.

  • Offering skills trainings to other groups and resident organizations at the DC

  • Intentionally connecting with other groups using the space and groups who could use the space (networking & publicity)

  • And more!

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