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Our Spaces

Malala Yousafzai Library

Capacity: 4-12 people

A small, quiet meeting space on your left as you enter the building. The walls are beautiful wood paneling, with artwork from artists who have held events at the Center, a comfortable couch, armchair, and small table.  Perfect for meetings.

Cesar Chavez Room

Capacity: 4-12 people


A small meeting room on your right as you enter the building. Contains a red velvet couch, armchair, and soft lighting.

Nelson Mandela Room

Capacity: 10-60 people


Our largest room, often referred to as the “ballroom.” Fantastic wood paneling, beautiful wood floors, plenty of natural light and great acoustics. Features a pull-down screen and chandelier lighting. Plenty of space to set-up chairs.

Rosa Parks Room

Capacity: 8-30 people


Our largest meeting room, with wood paneling, soft light, a couch, an armchair, a beautiful wooden conference table, and plenty of space for more chairs. Glass doors can be closed and curtains drawn for privacy.

Room Dimensions

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