Extra Support to Make Your Action or Event Excellent

The Democracy Center aims to support organizations and actions that help to bring about a more just, creative, expressive, connected, and equitable world.

In 2019, we launched a program to directly support organizations when they identify specific gaps in their event planning budget. For example, we have sponsored speaker fees which other sponsors have not been able to cover, interpretation, and accessible space rentals.

The Details

  • We have $6,000 to spend over a fiscal year (July-June), with a cap of $500 per event

  • The DC must be listed as a sponsor of the event

  • Funds must be used for a specific purpose, and itemized records submitted to us after the event

  • The DC reserves complete discretion over what we sponsor. Decisions are based on mission alignment, capacity, resources, and demonstrated need

a crowd marches against traffic in downtown Boston, one demonstrator holds up a large sign advertizing the Spanish simultaneos interpretation line

Boston March Against Cages/Marcha Contra Jaulas, the DC sponsored Spanish interpretation. 8/4/19

Rosa Clemente, a Black Boricua with short black and magenta hair holds a microphone. She gestures toward the audience while 3 co-panelists look on

Rosa Clemente speaks on a panel for Harvard Heat Week, the DC sponsored her speaker fee. 4/23/19


  1. Submit requests through the form on the webpage or via email.

  2. Request is evaluated, usually with a follow up phone call or brief meeting.

  3. Funds disbursed to your organization and list the DC as a sponsor

  4. You provide itemized records, receipts, or invoices of costs to the DC.