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Activist Supply Closet

The Project

The Democracy Center aims to support organizations and actions that help to bring about a more just, creative, expressive, connected, and equitable world.

To that end, we support organizers to create more effective actions and events by providing supplies for rallies, marches, and other public demonstrations. 

We evaluate each request's alignment with our mission. We cannot support events that promote a candidate's bid for elected office. The Democracy Center maintains sole discretion in evaluating requests based on mission, availability, resources, and capacity.

Multiracial group of student activists march and carry signs calling for food jutice
three students, one white, one person of color, hold signs advocating for a living wage. Boston city skyline behind and to the right


  1. Submit requests through the form on the webpage or via email.

  2. Coordinator responds with a confirmation/denial/waitlisting. First time borrowers come by for a brief conversation/orientation to the program.

  3. Sign an agreement and waiver physically or via DocuSign.

  4. Pick up your supplies and have a great action.

  5. Return your items and donate if your organization is able!

    • If equipment is not returned or reusable items are damaged/unusable, your organization will be expected to pay for replacements. Payment is due within 30 days of the check out date. You will receive 2 reminder emails and 2 reminder phone calls before billing.

    • Until the items are returned or paid for, your organization will not be allowed to check out more equipment.

    • To extend a due date, you must complete a separate request form and sign a separate waiver.

Supplies Offered

  • megaphones

  • portable sound system

  • marshal vests

  • walkie talkies

  • ear plugs

  • handwarmers

  • bottled water

  • battery packs

  • clipboards

  • canopies

  • folding chairs

  • screen printer

  • clipboards

  • & more

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